Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Can we ever have enough?

In today's time, are our needs exceeding our means?

I have been seeing it around. Sometimes even I want to buy or do things that I might not want or do when I am in the right mind. Some 6 years back when I earned 100 Rs. I was happy and never felt that there are things I might want and can not have. Today I earn 400 Rs. and can afford things that I couldn't even think of earlier yet I feel I can not have it all...

Is it the so called "Mall Culture" or is it that I have become greedy and brainless... There are so many things... right from clothes to shoes to jewellery to cars to home appliances to God! there is so much.

I work hard, very hard and yet can we ever have enough? Can we ever have it all? Ummmm...

Forgive me Lord... Cause I have sinned...!

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