Monday, May 18, 2009

Working at TICB

I joined this company, Tecnimont ICB Pvt. Ltd., some 6 months back. It is an EPC company, meaning Engineering-Procurement-Construction, in Industry verticals like Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Refinery, Power and Infrastructure. I handle Corporate Communication here. Now, you will wonder, what is an artist doing in an Engineering company? Well, one I am handling Corporate Communication here and my agency background helps, two I have been in Business Development for a fairly long time to understand the implications of corporate communication on business and three I am a fast learner, I have already started understanding the ways of this industry.

My company is located at Mindspace in Malad, Mumbai. Yes, it is this large and beautiful building right in the middle of the IT and BPO hub of Mumbai. It has this lush green garden right in front of the office building which has fountains inside that not only water the plants but also give this quaint appeal to the office premises.

The people here do not have the typical corporate conduct that I have become so used to. I am here, surrounded by engineers who are wired differently. My approach for undertaking communication initiatives for them also has to be very different. Engineers are supposed to be left brained people, who use strong logic in everyday activities as well. Simple people who have simple needs and just need to know t
hat the company cares. We do not have to deal with issues like attrition like the other IT, BPO or Financial Services industry – here we have the loyalty in place. The buzz word however is Employee Engagement to increase involvement and productivity. I think I have got the pulse there. And I intend to hold on to it and start working on the internal communication program that we have planned.

External communication is something that we are working on and will get to a more robust plan and strategy shortly. I am enjoying what I do here and it is fun. The company does care for its people and has some of the very important pillars like quality, safety and environment that are so vital for this industry are in place. Watch this space as I progress with the job here and update new initiatives and programs that we do.

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