Thursday, May 7, 2009

Police officer sentenced to Life

Today I read news about a police officer being sentenced to life in prison for an action he took 12 years ago. How fair is this? He took a call at that moment, at that time when an angry mob was at rampage.

There are so many terrorists, rapists, murderers, thieves in the country and the court got a police officer who took a call of duty to be given a life sentence. I wonder what kind of a judicial system we have. Did the court order the life sentence to this police officer due to pressure? Because the firing was done against Dalits? We will never know.

I also know of incidences when terrorists are caught in the valley and the so called Human Rights group come and pester the Army to release them on some ridiculous grounds. Are we going to let all these groups/associations run over us? Its only time when the Army will also have to explain why they used their weapons at all. Will we have the police and the army explaining why did they kill a terrorist? I agree that being in the police or Army does not give you the right to kill without reason. But in this case and all cases I know of had reasons. Yet, why are these guys put under the scanner?

Look at what a mockery we are making of ourselves with Ajmal Kasab. We are talking of ‘Fair Trial’ – point taken. Then why are you taking ages to conclude the trial? How much of our hard earned tax money is being used to protect that joker? Finish the trial and execute the guy. Everyone knows what it is – so just get over with it. We have still not executed the Parliament Attacker – Afzal. Why? Where are we? Because some idiots who think they know all about Human Rights, have succeeded in holding off the execution.

And we are here sentencing our honest officers, who protect us and take difficult decisions so that we could live peacefully. Where are the Human Rights idiots in this case? Will they not make enough money or news or whatever they are after if they support an officer.

Somewhere, everyone knows what an angry mob is capable of doing. I am sure that the decision of firing at the mob was the last resort that the officer had to take to stop them. This is unfair, this is an honest officer that we have, and what does our judiciary give him? Life Sentence for serving the country.

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