Tuesday, April 28, 2009

India Decides? They do not get the opportunity

No doubt that the country is going to the dogs because most of the educated working class people have no leave tomorrow (I have an half day off, thank god!), for these guys to vote. Shouldn't it be compulsory for these guys to give at least half day off for voting???? One of my friend's company made them sign a declaration that they are coming to work on their own free will and are not forced. Disgusting!!!!

These companies and MNCs that are earning millions from our country, do not even give a moment to think that these elections are vital for the country...

The poor and uneducated class would vote for anyone who gives them food that day or shows them false dreams. What are we building this country on??? Even if someone wants to vote they can't because the employer thinks it is not important. What kind of Social Responsibility are these companies showing?

Where is India heading??? People can not even exercise their right to vote?

We need to do more than this. I have always been in love with my country and I am super patriotic. But surprisingly (for me too) I have been thinking of migrating to another country for a while now. Most of my friends also say the same thing - There is nothing left here, lets move out somewhere else. Someplace where our tax money is put to good use...

My office is five minutes by auto from my house. But the 5 minutes ride is torturous for me because of the roads. The administration just digs the road and the fills them up unevenly. In the next few days they will dig again at another place and then leave the place unattended for days. All you get in Mumbai is uneven dirty roads and dust, traffic. Our infrastructure is failing. We need a strong party to move us ahead. "India - the next biggest economy in the making" all this sounds superficial when you are actually living in this country and experiencing day to day struggles.

People - I urge you, please vote. Please exercise your right. Please vote so that we have a strong government. Please vote so that we have the right administration. You could also select the option of no vote if you think none of the candidates are suitable. But, please go and vote.

I still don't know whether my name is on the election list. But I will go to the booth with the documents. I have already filled the form 5 months back. I hope I can vote this time. Those of you who have the election ID - do not use it only as an identity proof. But use it to vote if you can. For companies who are not giving leaves - please speak with the HR. Or best - call the contesting parties - let them know you want to vote and that the office is not permitting you to vote. I am sure they will take care of you HR and Management...

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Freak Goddess said...

agree with almost everything u said..
my orgnstn is an educational institution. and therefore a polling booth! but we're working tomoro!

P has a bike lying in the society for close to 2 yrs and its rusting! why? cos he refuses to ride the bike on these roads!

i live in oshiwara but refuse to go beyond andheri on weekends.. peak time! why? cos i get a migraine in the evening traffic!

i dont own a house but i want to buy a car! why? cos i cannot think of traveling anymore on these roads!

i wanna move out of the country too!

wats left to stay back?

im nto super patriotic.. im not even patriotic.. i know this may sound like blasphemy.. but :(
im not proud to be an indian..
glorifying our culture and traditions and values is downright stupid!
and i refuse to waste my breath trying to convince ppl about it!