Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Do things happen by chance?

Or are these things created by us

Or there is the power that we call God

Some day when I know the truth

I will tell everybody

I am just walking the path

That is laid before me

Some bends are beautiful

And some are just plain dreadful

But I just walk

Cause that’s the best that I can do

If this whole circus is created by Him

Then He would surely be God

But God has this funny habit

Of changing sign boards every now and then

Of putting roadblocks

Of closing shops when u want to buy

Of opening shops when u are broke

But I know there is sense

In the comedy that He is creating

So I do walk

But I do make choices as well

To follow the sign board that I want

To avoid or climb over the roadblock

To get good bargains from where I want

After all I believe in destiny


SKy said...

Very nice..I liked it..

Rahul said...

Hiee... Nicely said
You use the words well, but does the title 'serendipity' fits? Maybe, coz if when God's putting hurdles and obstacles ahead of us, we might chance upon something more fortunate after overcoming those rather than following a monotonous path that's already there in front of us.
In all I liked what U have said and you have written that well.