Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Involuntarily the tears just roll down

An image just flashes by

The feelings overcome all sensibilities

I try to grab for support

All I get is vacuum

There is nothing

Just nothing but stillness

Nothing to hold on to

Nothing to latch on to

I did have a hope

That too was taken away

This vacuum suffocates me

I choke

I want to call out

But I must not speak

My words can destroy the peace

I embrace myself

I am the only one I can hold on to

I am the only one I can trust

I must walk

If I want to call

I must just call for myself

I will be there for me

It is my battle

And I shall fight it

Who says I am alone

I have me

And I will come out triumphant

1 comment:

rahul said...

nice lines..reminds me of the song..I walk alone..yar you're like so multi talented painter,poet,entrepreneur..wow anything that's left :D