Sunday, July 5, 2009

Religion and Fast

Just day before it was ‘ashadi ekadashi’ many of my colleagues at work were fasting. Very strange! I mean not strange that they fast, but strange that they think they can attain god just by fasting. Fast and religion are definitely not connected… though a lot of people would like to argue on this point with me.

Scientific Fact: Our body needs to be detoxified at least once a month… if we could do it once a week then it is better… and detoxification essentially means either having only liquids through the day or having a 100% fruit diet on one given day. As earlier there were no schools or any other mediums of teaching such a thing… all these “better living techniques” were taught via temples or churches or other religious institutes… these “better living techniques” were then wrongly construed as being means to attain god by people… Ridiculous!!! Because such a practice had a certain power over people and they could be manipulated by the keepers of these religious setups, such practices were given encouragement. These practices changed from that of voluntary to forced, induced by two factors fear and greed for achieving goodness (and God!). And hence it became a custom.

And Alas! What detoxification do we do? People eat Sabudana Khichdee that is full of peanuts (one of the most difficult things to digest), Deep fried Sabudana wadas and paotato fries… they eat all kinds of papads (that are “allowed” during fasts) or on the other extreme do not drink water for the whole day – in turn dehydrating their bodies. We are educated now and know so much more about science and how our body functions etc. Do people not understand that you do not reach God by eating or not eating certain food items? Are people really so intellectually lame to still believe in fasting as a way to get into God’s good books? It’s for you all to decide…

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