Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Must Wait

Subjected to scrutiny
The forms die a 100 deaths
Techniques fear for life
Subjects become out of breath

Art should flow like music
They said

But my song doesn't get sung
In the tune they set

The shine of color Fades
in comparison with the lure of gold

The soft punching of keyboard triumphs
The hard strokes of brush

Dear art you must wait
Wait till I get the perfect lyrics
I will then set the song
And the world would want to sing along

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Reaching Out!

Extending my arms till the tendons strain with pain
Calling out your name but the voice is inaudible
I arch my back stand on my toes
The body writhing with pain now
I want to reach out and hold you
The more I try
The more you drift away
I am frozen in place
I try harder
Reach out further
You drift more
I should probably give up
But I don't
The pain is unbearable
Its not the body
Its the mind
My will gives up
I fall
And that's when you come
To hold me to comfort me
Oh Lord!
I was never supposed to try
I was supposed to be just there
It was you who were supposed to walk up to me
Hold me comfort me

Bare it all

Bare your soul he said
Bare it all he said
Bare I would I said
But it runs deeper than my skin
Deeper than you can reach
Deeper than I know it exists
Even I haven't seen it all yet
I just feel it gently nudging me
Deeper than the depth I have known
I am waiting for it to bare it all
To show me the abyss it floats in
How can I bare it when I know not