Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It hurt me bad

I am associated with one NGO that fights against Child Sexual Abuse called Arpan. The NGO essentially spreads awareness among parents about child sexual abuse and how you can save your children from it.

Children are very innocent and it is not only your girl child who is susceptible to sexual abuse but also the male child. We are looking for funds for the NGO.

I have tried to express what a child feels, when his sacred space is invaded.

My Soft brown eyes

My innocent little smile

I had these small hands

And my feet could barely take long strides

I held your hand

And just walked along

I trusted you

You took me inside

It felt so nice

You had big hands

And they just covered mine

It felt so warm

I wanted to giggle cause I felt so excited

You said you had a secret to share

I wanted to be the one to know

I wanted to know what you had to say

Then you got up

And touched me

It felt so warm at first

Then why did you shove me down

And showed me that thing

I was so scared, but I held on

Because I trusted you

You held me so tight

And rubbed me so bad

It hurt me

It hurt me really bad

I wanted to scream

But the voice never came out

I don’t know why you punished me

I think because I am bad

Don’t bad things happen to bad people?

You are here to punish me, right?

I will not say a word

Not a word to Mommy and Daddy

I don’t want you to punish them

I love them

I will take this punishment

So that they are happy

I trusted you so much

Then why did you do this to me?

It hurt me

It hurt me really bad

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